Teen Drivers…Worried Mom!

Teen Drivers…Worried Mom!

As a mom of two teenage drivers, it’s hard not to worry when they are behind the wheel. With working in insurance, I hear about accidents caused by inexperience new drivers. The only way to lessen this chance, is by practicing and feeling comfortable on the roads. Here are few tips to help you, help your teen.

  • Let Go –   Driving allows for freedom. It opens the door for kids to show independence. As a mom, you need to allow your teenager to experience those and grow. First things first, let go and your teen will show growth.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice – Once you let go, you need to take your teenager out and try out the roads. Before even getting their license take them on local roads, main roads, and the highway even. Stay calm with your teen. The only way to gain experience is to practice. The more your teen drives, the more confident they and you will become.
  •  Having the license This is one of the most worrisome parts, is when they want to borrow the car and go out with or go to a friends home.  Set some ground rules with your teen on where they can go, who can be in the car, and what time to be home.  If you’re like me, you will stay up until they get home safe, I guess the worrying is just part of being a Mom.
  •  Insurance – Call your insurance agent ahead of time to find out the best way to insure your teen on your policy.   Take advantage of any discounts that the insurance companies may offer, such as the good student discount.
  • Cell Phones – In my opinion, driving and texting is a dangerous combination.  Talk to your teen, family and friends about not texting while driving.   Texting only takes seconds, but within those seconds a serious accident can occur, which could change your whole life.  Why chance it, ask them to “W82TXT” (wait to text).   A suggestion would be to have your teen put the phone in the glove box while driving.

The process of driving is an exciting time for parents and children. Make this a bonding moment with your teen. Stay safe….    ~B. Gyomory

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