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Snow Storms: What to do if Stranded

Yep, it has happened to me, being stranded is not fun. Here are some tips to review and share with your young drivers, on what do to if you find yourself in a snow drift.  ~ B. Gyomory

It’s a common fear in the winter, especially in and after storms: getting stuck in...

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Flying High with Your New Drone?

Unmanned flying aircraft, or Drones, are becoming more and more popular in both personal and commercial use, and their use is expected only to increase. This raises the question, how do you insure your drone? And, what sort of claims can be filed over drones? Claims range from coverage for damage or loss to the drone...
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Raking Leave or Yoga ?

The beauty of the changing seasons is a wonderful sight, but make sure that when those leaves fall you know how to safely clear your lawn!  Raking leaves is a family affair in our household...shhhh don't tell my kids, otherwise they are making other plans for that afternoon.   To help keep everyone from being injury free from doing...
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Home Fires Can Be Prevented !!

I try to be on top of everything that happens in my home and safety of my family is a high priority.   Home fires are devastating and something I don't ever want to experience.  You can learn how to make your home safer and how to property handle a dangerous fire situation from ( ~...
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