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Does your family have a Fire Escape Plan?

One of the scariest events that a family could experience is a fire in the home; I pray that my family and yours never have to experience it.  But fires do happen in homes, and the best way to minimize the injury to your family is to be prepared.  Here are some tips to escape...
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Is a Cat The Puuuurrrfect Pet?

Deciding to get a cat is an easy decision to make, especially when you walk into a pet store or shelter and see all of the adorable kitten pawing at you through the cage. However many people do not consider or might not be aware of all of the responsibilities that come when you get...
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Jewelry Protection

Congratulations-you got engaged! Now you have a beautiful new diamond ring-but what happens if it gets damaged or stolen? What about your nice watch, gold earrings, or heirloom necklace? It is much easier than you might think to insure these items and put your mind at ease. Though a number can't be put on sentimental value,...
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