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Teen Drivers…Worried Mom!

As a mom of two teenage drivers, it’s hard not to worry when they are behind the wheel. With working in insurance, I hear about accidents caused by inexperience new drivers. The only way to lessen this chance, is by practicing and feeling comfortable on the roads. Here...
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Are You Keeping It Safe on the Road?

Car accidents happen every day. "According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, car accidents happen every minute of the day. Motor vehicle accidents occur in any part of the world every 60 seconds. And if it's all summed up in a yearly basis, there are 5.25 million driving accidents that take place per year".      Let’s...
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Is Your Teen Navigating the Roads?


  As a parent, it can be stressful to have a child driving on the roads, especially in ice and snow.  Here are some tips to ensure that your teen has a safe driving experience. Choose a safe vehicle for your teen. Newer cars have amazing safety features that could save your child's life!...
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Be Safe on the Icy Roads !

As we dive deeper into the winter season, it becomes more and more important to be careful on the roads. This is important for our safety, and the safety of other drivers as well, especially if you have young drivers in your household. Here are some simple steps to keep you and others on the...
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Share a message…Let’s get everyone home safe for the holidays!

As we get busier and busier with the approach of the holiday season, sometimes we forget to set down our phones and concentrate on the safety of ourselves and those around us. This week is National Teens' “Don't Text and Drive Week” so now is a great time to share a message with your teens, friends, and...
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