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Is a Cat The Puuuurrrfect Pet?

Deciding to get a cat is an easy decision to make, especially when you walk into a pet store or shelter and see all of the adorable kitten pawing at you through the cage. However many people do not consider or might not be aware of all of the responsibilities that come when you get...
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Myth Buster – Pet Insurance

  A lot of people are skeptical about pet insurance because there is conflicting information. Digging through all of the information on the internet and find out what the truth is can be very time consuming. Pet finder.com has released an article addressing the most common myths and rumors when it comes to pet insurance in this article:...
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Is your pet the ONE out of three?

Having a dog brings happiness, unconditional love, and a companion for the duration of your pet’s life. Throughout their life we take them to see a veterinary once a year, pay that office visit and that is it for the veterinary bills right?  WRONG!  According to dogtime.com one out of three pets will need emergency...
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