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spring is coming….Are you thinking about cleaning and home repairs?

Well this week, it certainly feels like Spring is close...and that maybe I should think about cleaning and having repairs done on the house.   A certificate of insurance is a good thing to request from any type of contractor or repairman who does work on your home. It will  provide you with your contractors insurance information, just in case there is damage to your...
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Spring is in the Air!!

I'm happy Spring is here, hopefully the weather will cooperate and it will warm up. It also means that we can start thinking about getting outdoors, planting flowers and Spring cleaning! So break out the feather dusters and rubber gloves, but keep these tips in mind to ensure a safe and happy cleaning experience.   Get some fresh air. It is...
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Help Your Dog Spring Safetly Into Springtime

My dog enjoyed the warm weather today at lunchtime. I let my dog outside and instead of finding her waiting on me to let her in I had to call her to come in. Once she came in she would not stop panting from running around the back yard. This was yet another reminder today...
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Spring is around the corner….Is it time for a new family Car?

Now that the weather is changing, you may be thinking of purchasing a new car.   I know, I know, we live in Michigan, and  it doesn't feel like spring today.  But be positive, spring is around the corner and if you are thinking of a new family car purchase here are some tips from  Read more