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Snowy Hills + Kids = a Fun Day of Sledding

When you’re a kid winter is an amazing season - the holidays, breaks from school, hot cocoa, and especially sledding! So many fond memories start on the sledding hill, running and laughing to exhaustion. What we don’t realize when we are kids, however, are the dangers that come with flying down those snowy hills. Here...
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No Doggy Downtime This Winter

Keeping active in the winter is hard for humans to do. I know when I look outside and see 3 feet of snow the last thing I want to do is bundle up and bear the fidget temperature. It’s not like my dog can take herself for a run to keep in shape. ...

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More Snow on the Way…Are You Ready if Stranded?

  With the intense snow storms that come during this time of the year, it is important to be prepared for anything that might happen while you are driving. Many people get caught off guard by the bad weather and are unprepared for the dangerous conditions. Keep your car and passengers safe with these steps! Prepare your...
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Enjoying the Great Outdoors!

  The winter season is upon us and getting outside and enjoying the snow is a fun time, whether you are going for a hike, snowmobiling, sledding or skiing.     I remind my family when planning an outdoor activity to take extra care because the weather can change at any time. If you and your family are...
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